SOPFIM’s new mandate is to spray Btk biological insecticide on 7,724 hectares in private forest with helicopters. Interventions are targeted for mature susceptible managed forests.

This program goals is to protect silvicultural investments, plantations and stands that have been thinned.

Selection criteria

Several territories are likely to be affected by TBE in Bas-Saint-Laurent. SOPFIM has specific selection criteria to protect the most endangered private forests.

  • The area must be superior to 10 ha,
  • The territory must be larger than 80 meters,
  • The owner must be a forest producer
  • The forest stand must be composed of vulnerable tree essence (balsam fir, white spruce and spruce form Norway),
  • The forest stand must be between 21 and 60 years old,
  • The territory must be develop. (Government-subsidized treatmentst)

Benefits of the treatment

Several benefits come from our treatment against spruce budworm. Those benefits are environmental and economic.

  • Training of seasonal staff (field, laboratory, operation base),
  • Recruitment and formation of skilled employees to fill positions associated with the planification of the programs,
  • The protection programs have regional socioeconomics impacts connects with the purchase of goods and services,
  • Reduction of the impacts of TBE on forest susceptible to TBE attacks and on the forestry investments
  • Decrease in the rate of mortality and defoliation trees.

Consult the map for more information on the current status of aerial sprays of organic insecticides in your area