Day labourer

Become a protector of the forest!

Being a day labourer at SOPFIM means working on an air base with a team of passionate people and contributing to the realization of the largest forest protection program in the world! You will perform a variety of tasks in a safe and unique workplace! Working at SOPFIM is more than a job, it’s a unique experience!


Work environment

Safe: reflecting our greatest value, we ensure that the work environment is safe at all times.
Stimulating: A place that offers a unique opportunity with passionate people, and where the tasks are far from monotonous
Benevolent: A warm atmosphere with a team that enjoys working together
Organized: A space where order and structure are maintained to facilitate effective work.
Responsible: An environment where employees and the company take their responsibilities seriously, both socially and environmentally.


Under the responsibility of the operations project manager, the day labourer participates in the implementation of the aerial spray program.
Specifically, you will:

• Prepare equipment for the loading of biological insecticide into aircraft;
• Operate insecticide pumping systems for aircraft loading;
• Stir the insecticide in inventory;
• Perform aircraft cleaning upon return from a watering session;
• Perform general manual work on the base of operations, including equipment and building maintenance;
• Participate in base disassembly, cleaning, storage, filing and final material inventory.

Remuneration and working conditions offered by SOPFIM

  • A guaranteed pay of 50 hours from Monday to Friday and 12 hours at time-and-a-half on the weekend;
  • Eligible for an expense account (including travel, hotel and expense allowance) when assigned to an air base outside your region;
  • An hourly wage of $20.39;
  • 5 to 7 weeks of employment;
  • Possibility to renew your employment each year;
  • The work schedule varies from day to day depending on weather conditions.

Job Requirements

• Hold a valid Class 5 driver’s licence;
• Be available 7 days a week for the entire operational period starting around May 16, 2024, until July 4, 2024;
• Voluntary opportunity to be moved to and remain at any air base for the duration of this period as required by SOPFIM.

Skills sought

• Ability to work very early in the morning and on cut shifts;
• Ability to work long hours of up to 10 hours per day;
• Ability to work with others;
• Knowledge of pumping systems and small motors is an asset.

*The male generic is used in this text only for the purpose of lightening the text and making it easier to read, it has no discriminatory intention. (note: not necessary in English since not gendered)

Our advantages

SOPFIM is about dedicating ourselves to protecting one of our most important collective assets. It is also..

Human approach
Environmental commitment
Unmatched work environment
Noble mission to achieve

Apply now

SOPFIM encourages and strives for equality and diversity in employment. We invite all candidates who meet the profile to apply.

Join the SOPFIM family. More than a day labourer, become a protector of the forest!

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